Strategic creative. Tangible results.

We are a full-service boutique agency providing strategic and creative brand and communications solutions.

Excellence built
on expertise.

For more than 20 years, we have created effective solutions for the brand and communications needs of our clients. We work with companies and organizations to deliver distinctive, defining materials to extend their brands’ reach and help achieve business goals. Our expertise spans all aspects of communications and branding, including naming, visual identity and print, digital, online and multimedia design and production.

Strategic thinking,
creative design.

To help our clients meet their communications or marketing goals, we apply our solutions-based processes to develop effective strategies, brands, tools and tactics. Whether the objectives are to educate or inform, increase visits, or sales, we strive to deliver strategic creative solutions to each and every project.

Exceptional client

We work with clients in healthcare; in corporate and public sectors; and hospitality. Our focus is to fully bring our expertise to each opportunity — whether a new brand or brand refresh, a start-up or Crown corporation — to consistently build a strong client relationship for exceptional results.

Latitude Gives.

In addition, we proudly support Latitude Gives, our yearly pro-bono commitment to helping a social cause that can benefit from the brand and marketing solutions we provide.

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Our studio is located in Vancouver's Railtown design district, just east of Gastown.

Latitude Vancouver

329 Railway St
Suite 402
Vancouver, BC
V6A 1A4

T +1 (604) 733 7010

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