BC Centre for Disease Control

BC Centre for Disease Control
Resistance to antibiotics is one of the greatest threats to human health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Their mandate is to stop, and potentially reverse, the current upward trend in antibiotic resistance. To support WHO’s mandate, the Province of BC, together with the federal government, wanted to educate the public about the proper use of antibiotics.
Previous campaigns were aimed at health professionals to pass on the importance of washing hands to prevent the spread of viruses that might need antibiotics, an indirect way to get the message across. Now, they needed creative messaging that was targeted to the public.
Latitude developed a BC-wide “Be Antibiotic Wise” campaign with direct messaging that dispelled any myths surrounding the use of antibiotics to treat common ailments. The direct message? Antibiotics may or may not work the next time you need them. The campaign included advertising that spanned various media: online, television, and transit. An “antibioticwise.ca” website was developed to support the campaign, and included a comprehensive range of information and resources on antibiotics and proper antibiotic use.
• Communications Strategy
• Branding
• Campaign Creative
• Copywriting
• Television
• Transit Advertisement
• Online Advertisements
• Website
• TV ad and campaign
• Q & As on healthy antibiotic use
• Television - 13 million total impressions delivered
• Digital - 5.9 million total online impressions delivered
• Facebook - 4.2 million total impressions delivered, 9,522 clicks delivered
• Google Adwords - 224,247 impressions delivered, 1,759 clicks delivered