Capri and CMW insurance has merged to become one of the largest independent and employee-owned brokerage in Western Canada. They are in need of a new brand to reflect their combined strength and experiences.
To come up with an identity, and potentially a new name, that were professional, modern, and yet stood apart from the rest.
Through Latitude’s Branding Workshop, we discovered that Capri and CMW’s greatest strength was their people. Uniquely local and employee-owne, both brokerages are more dedicated than the average insurance broker. They took the time to develop real client relationships that often lasted for decades. We decided to that to best leverage the two brands' legacy, the new identity and name should reflect both. We highlighted this unique feature in the logo – two triangles, representing Capri and CMW, coming together to form a third shape that provides a fresh direction. We created a website where we put a human face to each Risk Advisor, each a senior-level advisor who worked directly with clients, by telling their story and listing their experience and skill sets.
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