BC Transplant

BC Transplant
BC Transplant is an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority. It oversees all aspects of organ donation across BC and manages the BC Organ Donor Registry. An annual campaign raises awareness of organ donation and encourages those who are able, to sign up as an organ donor.

Incorporating the artwork of an artist and transplant recipient, the previous campaign comprised of illustrations of donated organs on (actual) donor recipients whose bodies were concealed by hands and arms but were otherwise naked. While it was beautifully executed, it was seen as being too provocative to some.

For the 2013 campaign and onwards, BC Transplant wanted to capture the spirit of this campaign, while being sensitive to their entire audience.

Latitude built on the success of the previous campaign, but took away its provocative nature. By drawing the donated organs as a graphic on black t-shirts, it took away the provocative nature of the nakedness, and highlighted the life-changing experience showing life before and after the donation. Drawing the organs onto t-shirts had the added benefit of the t-shirts themselves being part of the campaign as recipients could wear them, and the t-shirts were included in campaign kits. This, in turn, enhanced the micro campaigns organized by other individuals and communities and increased the overall awareness of the campaign.
• Communications Strategy
• Campaign Creative
• Photography
• Illustrations and Animation
• Copywriting
• Television
• Transit and Print Advertisements
• Campaign Kits including the black t-shirts