River Rock Casino Resort

River Rock Casino Resort
River Rock Casino has developed many brand products and services over the past ten years. Their website required technical improvements to the content and information architecture, along with a visual refresh to strengthen core brand identity and communication.
-casino, two hotels, multiple restaurants, theatre for shows (concerts, comedians) -website: all product offerings,including ability to buy tickets and book hotel stay. -seasonal campaigns for three years -lots of production, understanding their marketing plans, scheduling, meeting all deadlines
The redesigned River Rock Casino website features a modern design with multiple features and content boxes to improve user experience. A property-wide photo shoot provided images for a new level of sophistication and excitement on the website.
• Strategy
• Design
• Website – integrated third-party booking engine for hotel, same for concerts and shows.
• Photography – photo shoots for all product offerings, hired models, etc. kids, adults, all rooms, property, food, property
• Copywriting
• Ads: radio, TV, magazine, print (newspaper), online beyond website. in Chinese language (print and online)